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How to Achieve Success Taking Calculated Risks


There will be times in our lives when we will need to take risks. However, it is not an easy task to evaluate the risks we may have to take and what impact soap2day they might create.

However, not everyone is a risk-taker. There are probably more risk-averse people than those who embrace risks.

We tend to hold ourselves back when opportunities for risk-taking present themselves, particularly when it comes to leaving a stable job for a self-employment opportunity that may or may not pay off higher than your current job.

What are the things that make risks feel too daunting? What extrinsic factors come into play that influences our perceived risk? How do you differentiate good risks from bad ones? Should we ever be risk-averse? Here is a guide to answer these questions and help you take calculated risks.

The RRI Model

R – Research Everything You Wish to Achieve

It is good to be well researched about the risks you are preparing to take. However, you need to draw a line where you limit how much you research and spring into action

It is very easy to convince yourself you need “a bit more research” to go ahead with taking a particular risk. We are not advocating you don’t do your research. But don’t overkill it. Always remember that your research is meant to serve you. You are not meant to serve your research.

R – Rationalize Your Reality

There are times when we refuse to accept the reality of the circumstances we may be facing. Living in a make-believe world gives us comfort. Few people are willing to accept reality and step out of their comfort zones.

However, it is certainly possible to step out of our comfort zones. You can try by shuffling your daily routine tasks. You may try getting dressed before you clean your teeth. You may try listening to a different radio station or a playlist than the one you usually listen to. You may even select a different route to go to your workplace than your usual route.

These are just small changes you can make to your routine to familiarize you with stepping out of your comfort zone. None of these measures will have a significant impact except that it will mentally prepare you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. This calculation method can be used as a Launchpad to prepare you for stepping further away from your comfort zone in the future.

I – Ideas Can Both Support and Hinder Our Appetite for Taking Calculated Risks

Before you do something for the first time, it was just a thought in your head. Ideas lay the foundation for risk-taking. Before you accept any risks, you need to appreciate the ideas behind those risks.

Ideas such as taking XYZ risk will be so exciting, or it may change your life and eventually turn your career around for the better.

The key is to prevent having limiting beliefs. Always think about ideas being in the realm of possibility. Once you get this idea that “it is possible,” you will get into a frame of mind where you will start enjoying and taking calculated risks.

Summing Up

It is a well-known fact that you can’t achieve success without taking risks. However, you can’t just take blind shots. Your risks need to be calculated so you can effectively mitigate them.

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