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Drinking water from an earthen pot has potential health advantages. This ancient custom is not only a time-honored substitute for steel, plastic, or other containers, but it is also a beneficial and healthful habit to acquire. Earthen pots were used to cool water when refrigerators were not commonly utilized because they assisted in the natural cooling of the water.

During the hot summer months, our body needs more water than usual to stay hydrated and fight the heat of the sun. One regularly gulps water straight from the refrigerator while performing the aforementioned activities, which is currently worse for our body temperature than being in the sun. This is why it is suggested to drink water from clay pots because they have cooling capabilities naturally and a variety of additional advantages that don’t cost a lot of money to enjoy.

1. Organic cooling effects

When water is kept in a clay pot, it naturally cools down. The clay pot’s surface has tiny holes, and water swiftly evaporates through them. The evaporation process makes sure that the heat of the water inside the pot is removed, bringing down the water’s temperature. 

2. Natural alkaline

The majority of the food we consume turns acidic in the body and produces pollutantsClay interacts with acidic foods to maintain a proper pH equilibrium because of its alkaline makeup. Hence preventing stomach issues like acidity.

3. Increasing metabolism

Because clay pot water has no chemicals of any kind, drinking it every day helps speed up metabolism. Digestion may be aided by the water’s minerals.

4. Protects from sunburn

Sunstroke is a common problem during the sweltering summer months. Because the clay pot protects the water’s beneficial minerals and nutrients and encourages quick hydration, drinking water from one can help prevent sunstroke.

5. Cautionary in the throat

Itching and throat irritation might result from drinking cold water straight from the refrigerator. On the other hand, the water in a clay pot is the ideal temperature because it is calming to the throat and won’t age a person or make them cough. 

6. An organic purifier

Clay pots can be used to organically cleanse water in addition to cooling it. The water is reasonably safe to drink because of the water’s porous microtexture, which traps pollutants.

Therefore, acquire your own earthen clay pot right now and enjoy the numerous health advantages of storing and drinking water from one.

Zero Dangerous Chemicals

Most plastic bottles are only meant for a few uses due to the dangers of endocrine disruptors like BPA that are present in them. When water is kept in clay jars or matkas, it is enhanced and pollution is also avoided. As a result, there are no potentially harmful compounds in surahs water.

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