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We get a yearning for chaat, pakoras, and masala chai during the monsoon season. Although there is nothing wrong with treating yourself, there may be a problem if you find yourself visiting the chaat or pakoda shop every third or fourth day of the week. Our bodies are more susceptible to seasonal diseases as a result of weather changes. The good news is that the monsoon season is bursting with fruits and vegetables that can not only strengthen your immune system but also aid in weight loss. For a mid-meal hunger, these fruits are perfect.

Here Are 5 Fruits From The Monsoon That You Can Eat To Lose Weight:

1. Jamun

Jamuns, which are tangy and unbelievably delicious, is loaded with essential minerals and antioxidants that can boost your general health and promote weight loss. Jamuns have few calories, so you can easily swap them out for your calorie-dense snacks. They are also stuffed with fiber, which promotes weight loss by improving digestion. 

2. Plums

Plums, also known as aloo Bukhara, are tart fruits that could be an important part of your monsoon diet. You may eat it raw, and this low-calorie fruit also makes a delicious addition to salads and smoothies. 

3. Papaya

According to the book “Healing Foods” by DK Publishing House, papaya includes the digestive enzymes papain and chymopapain, both of which have been demonstrated to support digestion, reduce constipation, and, Cleanse the intestines together with the fruit’s natural fiber. Healthy digestion increases metabolism, which promotes weight loss. 

4. Pineapple

These days, pineapples are available year-round. However, the sweetest batches are often those you receive during the summer and early monsoon. Utilize this low-calorie, high-fiber fruit as much as possible this season.

5. Cherries

Cherries are a juicy, delicious addition to any dessert. But did you know that this monsoon, cherries could also make a delicious complement to your diet? Would you believe that 50 calories are included in 100 grams of cherries? Additionally, they contain a lot of fiber, which keeps you full and keeps you from bingeing. 

Include these fruits in your diet to feel the difference for yourself. Make sure to combine a wholesome exercise program with your diet.

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